A LAN, or Local Area Network, provides reliable, fast and secure communication between all the workstations within one location, enabling an organization to have one integral network between all departments and offices. A WAN, or Wide Area Network, provides communication between two or more locations, giving your business one integral network between all its departments and offices, even if they are not all in the same building or city.

If your business could benefit from one or more of the following, a WAN may be what your business needs:

Fast information transfer between multiple locations

Reliable shared Internet connection

Better communication between business locations

Secure path for sensitive data transmission

Centralized host for localized management

As the technology has become more commonplace, WANs have become affordable for small and medium businesses as well as corporations. A medium-sized business with three locations around the state can utilize a WAN to create an environment where information can be available to all three locations, but protected from the Internet at large. This allows all three locations to function as if they were in the same building, sharing the same network.

WANs also provide certain advantages in the way of network management. Instead of having three separate networks designed and maintained differently, the three-location company can manage one larger network. This allows the company to easily upgrade/standardize/manage their network without the worry of company branches being disconnected from the network.

Network Consulting/Management

TecInfo will provide network consultation, design, implementation, configuration, and maintenance, in any scale from LAN to WAN. With an emphasis on security, our specialists can make sure your network is protected from attacks and intrusions, thereby ensuring secure transmission from department to department.

Once TecInfo has designed and implemented the WAN, day to day management is crucial. Security, intrusion detection, and constant connectivity are just a few of the tasks TecInfo is able to manage. Ask about our Remote Management Services.

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TecInfo can provide Internet, Networking, Voice and Email solutions for any business, large or small. Contact us today and we will help you find the right products and services for you!