Frame Relay

Frame Relay is a dedicated service which provides Internet access for multiple users. Frame Relay technology uses virtual circuits (VCs), which act as private line replacements in the network. Because Frame Relay offers variable speeds, it is a cost-effective and efficient solution for small, medium, and large businesses.

Frame Relay is often used in the implementation of a WAN (wide area network) because of its reliability and security. TecInfo will consult, design, order, implement, and configure a WAN that will give efficiency to a multi-location business. TecInfo can also connect sites which qualify for ADSL with Frame Relay sites so there is continuity between the different mediums.

Full/Fractional T1s and other Network Connections

For companies needing maximum dedicated self-managed network lines, TecInfo can offer many T1 solutions. A T1 line can carry roughly 60 times more data than a normal residential modem. It is extremely reliable, secure, and comes in various speeds.

T1 – 1.544 mbps (24 DS0 lines)

T3 – 43.232 mbps (28 T1s)

OC3 – 155 mbps (100 T1s)

OC12 – 622 mbps (4 OC3s)

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