Business Class ADSL

TecInfo’s Business Class ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) services are the high speed solutions for today’s high tech companies. What differentiates TecInfo Business Class DSL from any other broadband services? It’s our redundant, diverse design! The majority of broadband providers (Cable, DSL, and wireless) do not make their delivery infrastructure capable of anything more than “best effort”service. By implementing redundant and diverse core Internet access, TecInfo Business Class ADSL raises the bar. So, whether your business needs faster downloads, quicker uploads, third party vendor access, video conferencing abilities, or your business utilizes SOHO (small office/home office), the connectivity solution you need is right here.

Because ADSL is capable of carrying voice and data transmissions, business can be conducted over the phone and online simultaneously. Your ADSL connection is constant, so your business will not be interrupted by disconnects or busy signals, and call waiting does not have to be disabled.

TecInfo offers ADSL speeds at 1.5mbps/256kbps, 3mbps/384kbps and 6mbps/512kbps (if available for your location). Specialized speeds are also available where qualifications are met. Get the speed you’ve been waiting for.

Features and Benefits:

  • The connection is always on, so you never have to wait.
  • One low, flat rate: A single DSL line can serve your entire computer network.
  • Scalable bandwidth (options range from 1.54mbps to 6.0mbps.)
  • Static IP address for business use.
  • High speed connectivity at a fraction of traditional high speed costs.
  • Perfect fail-over solution for locations on a budget
  • TecInfo ADSL customers are provided private connections to the Internet minimizing vulnerabilities and intrusions. No connection is shared with other Internet users.

Contact the TecInfo sales department to find out more about VoIP, Business Continuity, LAN and WAN design and implementation to get the maximum out of TecInfo Business Class ADSL for your business!

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